Living Room Series Benefit Concert in Brooklyn

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in situations where I’m dedicating my time and music to events that make the world a better place, which is one of the reasons I started playing music in the first place.

The Living Room Series is a house concert series brought to life by a beautiful friend, Annie Butler where we gather together to share music and raise money for organizations and causes we care deeply about – such as the ACLU, Standing Rock, Action Against Hunger, and the environment.

The next Living Room Series benefit concert is a very special one, organized by Deb Adamy and Tarik Greene.

Tarik Greene, Deputy Executive Director and Co-Founder of M.A.D.E. Transitional Services, will describe how his program came to be, the men and women he advocates for and why our support is so important. MADE Transitional Services( provides programs in job readiness and placement, life skills training, ex-offender reentry services, relapse prevention and housing.

I’m honored to share the stage with fellow vocalists & songwriters (and good friends!) Tahira Clayton, and Joel Cross along with an incredible band: Ross PedersonJulia Adamy,Addison FreiBob Lanzetti and Kevin Ramessar.

Click here for more details! 


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