Rockwood Music Hall – April Show

After a few months of creative hibernation working on my record (and also just working…), I’m excited to come out of hermit mode and start playing again. Or as Henry Rollins says, “In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” The record is almost almost finished, and I’m head over heels in awe of the amazing crew I’m fortunate enough to have on board. Ross Pederson has produced, mixed, and drummed the heck out of this project; Angela Parrish, the singer-songwriter goddess is mastering it; and I’m so thankful to Perry Smith, Matt Aronoff, Vitor Gonçalves, Bob Lanzetti, and of course Ross Pederson for playing on it.

I can’t wait to play at Rockwood Music Hall again – I’ll be singing there Sunday, April 29th with Julia Adamy (bass), Ross Pederson (drums), and Horace Bray (guitar).

It’s free and all that, and it’s at 5pm so you can definitely still brunch, and come to the lower east side, and be home early for dinner.  🙂

See you there?




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